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Seawater Farms Vietnam (SFV)


Vietnam Integrated Aquaculture Project


Our groundbreaking integrated aquaculture pilot farm in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam seeks to disrupt the South-East Asian aquaculture industry by introducing saline crops into existing shrimp farms, mitigating pollution stemming from shrimp farming. 


Using innovative floating beds and adjacent wasteland for farming, we introduce novel crops to these farms which act as natural bio-filtration systems that negate the need to use chemicals to sterilise the effluent wastewater. This is significant, as we can prevent contamination of surrounding environments, while providing small to medium scale farmers opportunities to diversify their farms. 


Our products for the region range from raw sea vegetables to naturally produced bio-salt to high-value oils derived from plants such as Salcornia. Currently we are conducting market research into other uses for our plants, such as animal fodder, oils for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, and vegetarian food supplements for a growing market in South Asia.