Seawater Farms Scotland (SFS)

Our Scottish pilot projects seek to introduce new crops and sustainable farming practices to the region and to prepare our partner farmers for the worst effects of climate change. Irregular, and a lack of rainfall and changing climates in the west of Scotland have created significant problems for farmers and their ability to remain competitive in a changing market. Even in Scotland, water resources are being strained, and solutions to overconsumption have to be found to minimise agriculture's use of water. We advocate the use of seawater for farming, conservation, and saltmarsh creation on coastal farmland.

We use renewable solar irrigation systems to irrigate our coastal farms with nutrient-rich seawater, naturally fertilizing saline crops without the need for chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Unique breeding programmes then allow us to introduce high-value crops, such as samphire and sea lavender, by replicating the wetland environments where they naturally occur. This creates natural defences along Scotland's coastlines that tackle erosion, storm surges, marine pollution, and threats from rising sea-levels.


Seawater Solutions de-risks the entry into this unknown territory for our partners, by assisting them at every stage, from farm to table, as well as providing all the necessary equipment and expertise needed for saline agriculture. 

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