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We run climate resilience projects around the world, keep up to date with our project from Scotland to Vietnam here and on social media!

Our Scottish Seawater Farms are the product of research and collaboration between business and academia. 

On the west coast of Scotland we are partnering with costal farmers to re-develop farmland to grow salt-tolerant crops native to saltmarshes. Instead of potatoes, our partners grow high-value and environmentally conscious saline crops, such as Samphire. Deliciously sustainable! But more importantly this it's about regenerative agriculture, where the health and wellbeing of land is encouraged and promoted.

By using seawater to irrigate costal farmland we are replicating valuable costal wetland and saltmarh environments which allow bird and animal life to thrive, while protecting the coast from the ever-pressing threat of rising sea-levels and coastal erosion! At the same time, these 'artifical' saltmarshes can capture many times more carbon than rainforests!

Seawater Farms Scotland (SFS)

Seawater Farms Vietnam (SFV)

Our pioneering Seawater Farm project in the Vietnam Mekong Delta region is our new climate resilience initiative. Tackling saltwater intrusion into inland areas, our project integrates the cultivation of salt-tolerant crops into aquaculture farms which dot the region. This not only minimises waste pollution from fish farms, but also regenerates land threatened by erosion and salinity, while supporting local development through employment and economic activity.

With our dedicated partners on the ground, we expect to revolutionise aquaculture in Asia! 

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