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We'll keep growing - as long as it's safe to do so

By Yanik Nyberg, Founder and CEO

Here at Seawater Solutions we are putting the safety and wellbeing of all our partners and supporters first. For a small company we have a fantastic global reach, and we are privileged to have worked with folks in countries from Vietnam to Bangladesh to the USA. To all, please stay safe and only go out if and when you have to.

Internally, following scientific advice we have restricted all face-to-face meetings, and our travel commitments have been halted. This is the right thing to do for the safety of our team and those (often vulnerable groups) we interact with globally.

For the UK, I wanted to let you know that we are still hoping to bring food to market this year, likely June onwards. As we work in the food and drink industry, it looks as though we are going to be considered essential personnel as we are helping to grow and supply food. Therefore, we hope to be able to still access and work on our farm in the uncertain weeks ahead.

Before all this we were gearing up for an exciting launch year, on the back of having recently agreed to increase the size of our farm site. We had been planning to attend as many farmers markets and public events as we could to bring our sustainably grown crops to the masses. This now all looks highly doubtful.

However, we are still planning to launch our online ordering system next month (we have already launched a waiting list), allowing people the opportunity to order online and get delivered direct to your door – this was always going to be a key pillar of our strategy for this year and at this hasn’t changed.

In light of potential travel restrictions and challenges getting fresh food (assuming distribution channels remain functioning), this is going to be increasingly important. So we wanted to let our existing and new customers know that (as things stand) we still plan to be bringing samphire and other salt-tolerant crops to market this year. Eating fresh, nutritious vegetables as part of a balanced, healthy diet is more important than ever.

We pride ourselves and working together to achieve social, economic and sustainable goals. Now more than ever we need to support one another to get through this dire situation, and if we can help even a little bit then we will. But for now, keep an eye out for each other, and for future announcements, and until then, stay safe, and stay inside!


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