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Regenerative Farming

Environmental Promotion

Rural Development

Farming is the single greatest contributor to climate change and the destruction of the environment....

...but we can make agriculture work for us, and our environment by creating ecosystems where we grow food without destroying the land. We turn degraded coastal farmland into saltmarsh ecosystems, using seawater to grow food, store carbon, and create habitats where our wildlife can thrive.

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Our Approach

Introducing seawater farming for a greener future

Seawater Solutions is all about turning coastal farmland into wetland ecosystems. We've designed a way to create 'artificial' saltmarsh on degraded farmland, where we can grow food using seawater and store carbon, promote wildlife, and support regenerative agriculture. 

“Samphire is clearly a multi-tasking plant that provides food and fuel for coastal communities and protection to sensitive coastal habitats.”
- Isabel Glasgow, chair of the The Clyde Marine Planning Partnership -