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Welcome to Seawater Solutions where we help communities to  turn underutilised land into wetland ecosystems for food production and climate resilience.

Seawater Farming for Climate Resilience

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15 November 2020

Rural Matters

Claire Acheson

Green Shoots Out Of The Blue

An exciting new partnership on the West Coast is delivering environmental and commercial benefits.

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4 November 2020

UK Research and Innovation

UK Research and Innovation

Further £134m Business Investment To Support COVID-19 Recovery

Nearly 1,200 companies across the UK will share £134 million of new Innovate UK investment through its latest dedicated COVID-19 innovation recovery fund.

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30 October 2020

The Fish Site

Rob Fletcher

A Saline Solution For Aquaculture And Agriculture

Using sea water to create coastal wetlands in which crops including fish and shellfish can be grown is a relatively new concept, but Yanik Nyberg, founder of Seawater Solutions, believes that it can help to revolutionise food production and biodiversity, while safeguarding inland areas.

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9 December 2020

Seawater Solutions

Mario Ray

Saline Agriculture for Climate Adaptation in Malawi

A 9-month saline agriculture project has launched, led by Seawater Solutions and funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund, to test the feasibility of using saline boreholes to grow salt-tolerant vegetables in Malawi to strengthen the climate resilience of rural communities and to empower the next generation of female farmers.

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17 November 2020

Seawater Solutions

Liam Singleton

Glasgow Urban Wetland Project Explores Green Covid-19 Recovery

A 3-month feasibility study, funded through the UK Government’s Sustainable Innovation Fund, has been launched to develop an urban wetland carbon capture plan to help Glasgow City hit its carbon neutral targets and support delivery of a greener, fairer, more sustainable Covid recovery.


December 2019

Wild Card Edge R15


October 2019

Winner of the Young People Award at Scottish Resources Awards


April 2018

Winner of Shell Live Wire Smarter Future Award


March 2018

Silver Award for Iberdrola and Scottish Power Innovation Competition 2017


June 2018

Winner of the Scottish Institute for Enterprise I'm an Innovator Challenge 2018

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“One to watch” – Sustainable seawater farming goes global

By Yanik Nyberg, Founder & CEO of Seawater Solutions I started Seawater Solutions two years ago following stark warnings from the UN that...

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